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Life of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

As long as the work of the provisions of the parameters within the scope of work, super-capacitor will be able to maintain long life and will not fail. Supercapacitors can exceed the life of most other electronic components in any given application, and that is why supercapacitors are the best power transmission for harsh environments.

However, if used improperly, super capacitor will be damaged in advance, although it can cause super capacitor damage in advance because not many. Please note the following to ensure that the supercapacitor in the system achieves the longest life.

Operating Temperature: Supercapacitors do not generate or supply electricity or energy by electrochemical reactions. Simply put, it is achieved through static electricity. Clearly, electrochemical reactions in supercapacitors are not only absent, they are not needed. Elevated temperature will catalyze the chemical reaction and accelerate the reaction rate. This is also true for supercapacitors, as supercapacitors are also chemical systems. So if you want to break the life of the ultracapacitor and allow it to operate beyond its rated operating temperature range, it will quickly decay its capacitance, causing its resistance to increase at an unimaginable rate and severely degrade it effectiveness. The magnitude of this damage effect is proportional to the overtemperature range and overtemperature duration.

Operating voltage: electrochemical systems generally have a stable operating voltage range, beyond this range, from the electrochemical point of view the system will become unstable. As with overtemperature, the consequences of overvoltage include a decrease in capacitor acceleration and a rise in resistance acceleration. The overpressure also increases the gas production rate in the monomer. If the overvoltage situation is serious, the gas will increase to a certain extent, leading to monomer internal pressure is too large and rupture, followed by immediate failure. Supercapacitors, unlike some other electrochemical energy storage technologies, have no undervoltage limits. In fact, although the reverse voltage should not be applied, as long as the reverse voltage does not exceed the absolute value of the rated voltage of normal operation, it will not damage the super capacitor or cause danger. As with temperature, the effect of overvoltage depends on the overvoltage and overvoltage duration.

Overvoltage and High Temperature: The worst case is overvoltage and overtemperature. In this case, both the electrochemical reaction and gas generation are accelerated, resulting in a decrease in capacitance acceleration, an increase in resistance acceleration, rapid accumulation of gas pressure in the monomer, irreversible deterioration of the active material including the electrode active material and the electrolyte in the monomer . So that the monomer in the over-voltage over-temperature conditions, such work under extremely difficult to end the life of super-capacitor.

Mechanical Abuse: Supercapacitors operating beyond mechanical parameters (eg vibration or shock) are not spared except in the most rugged construction. Sometimes fail immediately. As a result of Maxwell super capacitor using a unique high-strength dry electrode and a specially designed monomer structure, in this respect compared with the competitors has a unique advantage. However, all products have a limit, exceeding the manufacturer's specification requirements will lead to rapid failure of the device.

Supercapacitors are not easy to die unless they work in ultra-standard conditions. It is important to understand the reasons why manufacturers set specifications for equipment and what evidence and data are provided to demonstrate that a particular equipment is capable of performing its work. Although the specifications set by the manufacturer, and sometimes also need specific interpretation. My advice is to consult and request data to allow the device to work within the specifications set. As long as this is done, even with supercapacitors in the most demanding applications, the same can make you satisfied.
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